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It could be time to close the Windows!

And open up to Linux!

Mepis Linux is one of best newcomers to the Linux world that I have seen. It's popularity is growing almost daily. I have been using it for a while now and I have not found a down side to it. The cool thing also is that it's a live cd and based on the Debian unstable build so no need to install it if you don't want to. Now I have tried just about every distro out there and up until now,Slackware had been my distro. Now I am using SimplyMEPIS 2004 and loving it! The biggest thing is that I have gotten my family to use it without complaining! I have also recommended it to some of my coworkers who are also now using it. So my advice is to go to the Mepis site and grab this outstanding distro. You won't be disappointed!!!

My Preferred Linux Distribution and sites that I have used

Is there any better?

This is the best site!!!

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Linux Powered Search Engine

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Last updated Tues Jan 4 2005